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Holiday Inspiration

I have some SERIOUSLY talented friends and I have been racking my brain with a way to include them on my site!  I had the idea to do a “challenge” around Halloween when I attempted a particularly ambitious pumpkin project.  By the way if you are going to spend countless hours and way too much […]

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We die.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I love a good excuse to dress up (I mean we have THEME THURSDAY at the salon every week!!) and there is so much to love about Halloween!  The tiny trick or treaters…the candy…the pumpkins…it’s all so festive.  Ford and I got to play dress up months ago when Camille Styles asked us […]

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Pretty Post

I posted my first photo to Instagram on March 12, 2012 conveniently 4 months to the day before my son was born.  It didn’t take long before my obsessiveness kicked in and I decided I wanted my pictures to have a cohesive feel.  I started playing around with other editing apps and figured out that, […]

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