“I absolutely loved HAIR REHAB with Martha Lynn!  I noticed a difference after the first wash and was blown away by the styling class.  I still use the techniques I learned in class and my hair is better and better everyday!”   – Dana

THE PROCESS:  Dana came to me in a hair rut.  She had been styling her hair the same for the past 10 years and was ready for it to feel healthy again.  After we started her on the hair detox of Restore Recovery Regime and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner she said she noticed an immediate difference.  Dana was also surprised at the length of time she was able to go between shampoos.  She had always had to wash her hair everyday and now she was able to go 2-3 days.  Once her hair was healthy it was time to tackle her styling routine.  The styling class was eye opening for her because she learned she was using the wrong type of brush and that a boar bristle brush gave her a much smoother finish.  Additionally, she was able to shorten her drying time dramatically.

To style we used Full Rootlifting Spray at the roots for volume and No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray on the ends.  This created balance from roots to ends for a weightless finish.

If you would like to purchase ANY products we used in HAIR REHAB call the salon at (512)420-8868 and we would be happy to ship them right to your door!

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