“HAIR REHAB was one of the best decisions I have made for my hair in a very long time! I have always had super long (yet damaged) hair and get nervous about trusting other people with it.  Martha Lynn not only provided me with guidance on how to use the right products (Living Proof) to revive my damaged hair, but also taught me how to style it—and that just happened to be my favorite part. It’s hard to walk away from a haircut knowing how to style it right the very next morning. HAIR REHAB gave me the tools and the knowledge to style my hair in a way that I really had never learned before. After a month of amazing HAIR REHAB guidance, I walked away with not only the healthiest head of hair, but with the confidence in myself to be able to style it the very next day. I am so thankful that I was able to enjoy the fabulous opportunity of HAIR REHAB! Thanks Martha Lynn Kale, Living Proof, and Mirror Mirror Salon!”    – Jessi

THE PROCESS:  Jessi was a slave to the flat iron.  This fashionista needed another look to add to her arsenal for everyday and when she’s posting for her blog The Darling Detail.  She had always been intimidated by the middle part and was ready to mix it up.  Admittedly she had gone way too long without a cut and was open to an update.  We agreed that we wanted to get it healthy so we could keep as much length as possible.  Once her hair was DETOXED it was clear we didn’t have to cut very much she just needed tons of long layers and some styling tips on how to move that dramatic part.  The best part about moving your part (if it’s cut properly) is that you can move it right back and it’s not permanent but you get the feeling of a big change!  We worked together so she could learn how to get her hair nice and smooth with her blowout so she wouldn’t have to use the flat iron using the No Frizz products.  It was also important that she start using a heat protectant like the Restore Revitalizing Spray before she used ANY heat tool.  Jessi loves her new look and now she has options with her style which I think is just…”DARLING”.

If you would like to purchase ANY products we used in HAIR REHAB call the salon at (512)420-8868 and we would be happy to ship them right to your door!

Jessi After Collage Final

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