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R&S Vertical 10.20

When a client sits down in my chair and says “I want to cut it off” things get pretty serious.  Usually I turn the chair to face me and we have a little chat.  I always say a drastic beauty change is like buying a handgun and should require a waiting period.  You can’t add hair back and to “undo” color is a huge undertaking (especially if it involves box color) so I take change very seriously .  That being said nothing makes me happier than a makeover, I just have to make sure you are doing it for YOU!  It’s incredible what a new look can do for you and it’s hands down the most rewarding thing about my job.  I have cut my hair “off” and been brunette and I can say that it’s pretty liberating.  The above picture is a snapshot I took of one of my best friends, Sidni, after we cut about six inches off her hair last week.  We have cut her hair off a few times over the years but this time just seemed a little different and it made my heart smile.  With the change in weather always comes the itch for an update and I want to encourage you to take the leap.  Find a stylist that’s willing to take the time to make a plan with you, this is not the time to get a “bargain” and remember…It’s just hair and it grows.

I’m curious…when is the last time you LOVED your hair?

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