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Oh Monday

Oh, Monday is right!  This weekend felt like it barely happened and I cannot believe November is here.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m still wearing flip flops here in Austin or that October was just incredibly jam packed.  Regardless, it’s here and I am about to get deliberate.  Every year I vow to slow down and enjoy the holidays and before I know it I am out with everyone else hustlin’ and bustlin’ and dreading every minute.  I have decided that November is going to be the month that I get organized and do some serious pre-holiday planning so that when December is here I can actually enjoy it!  I have already started cleaning out drawers and closets and The Kales are getting ready for a major yard sale (feel free to offer any advice on this endeavor!!).  I’ve always been one of those people that have to get everything perfectly in order before I do any real work so my thought is that if I dive in now, by the time the new year is here I will be ready to hit the ground running.  It’s also Trevor’s “birth-month” so planning is in full force for a Turkey Day B-day!  Oh, and I also vow to give some serious thanks this month…I want to really focus on all of the people and things that make me happy and keep me afloat.  What are your plans for the month?  Do you feel a sense of holiday panic when November rolls around?

Whatever this month has in store for you I hope you start it off with a fabulous week!

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