It’s the middle of January and I hope you are still feeling inspired about a fresh start on the new year.  Now that Dr. Anna shared her resolutions for our WELLNESS IN 2014 and Cristina got us squared away to have our MOST STYLISH YEAR it’s my turn!  I’m sharing with you all my beauty resolutions for YOU.  These are the things I wish all of my girlfriends (and clients) would embrace, not just in January but from now on!

I’m dying to know if you included any beauty resolutions on your list for 2014?


Communication is key when it comes to your beauty and if you don’t trust your stylist you will hold back.  You need to feel comfortable enough to discuss things like health changes or that fun change you have been thinking about!  Make sure they take time to talk to you about what your goals are and how you can recreate them at home.


Even the best shampoo can be harsh on your hair when you are doing it too much.  It’s not just the shampooing but what the shampooing leads to that starts a cycle of damage (step away from the flat iron).  Even skipping one or two shampoos a week would work wonders and allow your hair a little rest!  Work out every day?  Try just rinsing it with water and putting a little conditioner on the ends.  The Living Proof products don’t have any silicone or oils (reason one million why I’m obsessed) so you will be able to extend the life of your style and your hair will thank me!  When you ARE using heat tools it is absolutely imperative that you use a heat protectant!


I know what you’re thinking…of course the STYLIST wants me to book standing appointments.  The answer is YES but it’s not to lure you on some carousel you can’t get off!  Let’s assume you have found the stylist you trust (your #1 goal this year), have them look at your history.  Chances are you are already coming at the same increment, on the same day at around the same time.  Spare yourself the panic of “OMG my roots are out and I have a wedding to attend next week”…and just get it on the books and mark it off your list.  Most salons do confirmation calls and will allow you to shift those appointments if you need to without penalty!  For those of you that don’t color your hair, this will MAKE you get it trimmed (see I didn’t even say the word CUT) on a regular basis!


This is your year to stop pinning and start DOING!  For those of you that have a Pinterest board with countless pictures of “beachy waves” or “messy chignons” then why not commit to learning how to actually do it on yourself!  There are tons of tutorials out there including this site and my column on Camille Styles with inspiration and how to’s.  Have something you’ve been dying to try?  Leave a comment below and we might just feature the step by step here!


Your hair is an accessory that you wear every day and you should LOVE it!  Stop fighting it and learn to embrace it.  Try a new cut, learn a new trick, update your color, shake out of that rut.  What we learned in HAIR REHAB was that women are sick and tired of their hair and have just given up.  Don’t give up!  It doesn’t have to be complicated and you actually can like your hair every day, not just the day you leave the salon.  Reach out to a professional and commit to figuring out what works for you so you can LOVE what you see in the mirror.

Need more inspiration for your best year yet?!




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