Today is my birthday…well kind of!  I’m a leap year baby so it’s always a little confusing for people.  I love birthdays and prefer celebrating for a whole week.  Trevor surprised me this morning with this AWESOME Sub_Urban RIOT KALE sweatshirt that I’ve been talking about for weeks and I just had to share.  Ever since I saw Rachel McAdams, Nikki Reed and most recently Beyonce(!!!) sporting their KALE sweats I knew I “needed” one.  I’ve been carrying around my West Elm “Oh Kale Yeah ” market tote for awhile and now my KALE look is complete.  Yes, that’s my new haircut still looking cute on day three and yes those are the boots I was bragging about last week…I’m still obsessed!

What do you think?  Wanna jump on the KALE bandwagon?!



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