Traveling is not the time to neglect your hair, especially if you are going to be pushing it to it’s limits in the elements (think sun and snow).  With a vacation on the horizon, I’m starting to get organized with all of my essentials and thought I’d share them with you!  I know it’s tempting to just use whatever is in the hotel room but trust me you will be sorry…especially if you are already using the Living Proof products!  I like to pick products that can serve as “two-fers” and do more than just one thing.  Additionally, I know that if I exclusively use Living Proof products I can go longer between washes which means more time having fun and less time blow drying and styling (seriously amazing).  


This product is life changing and even when I try other products in the line I come back to No Frizz.  We are headed to the beach where the frizz really wants to show it’s face and since nobody wants to see what my real “beach waves” look like I will use this combo as my foundation! Buy NO FRIZZ here.


This is for protection from the heat of the blow dryer and will definitely be going in my beach bag during the day to protect my hair from the UV rays!  Each time you reapply your sunscreen give your hair a little spritz and it will stay weightless, shiny, AND protected.  Buy RESTORE SPRAY here.


It’s called “perfect hair day” for a reason and it’s the solution for us girls that want it ALL.  It’s a 5 in 1 and is the only product that contains both the smoothing AND volumizing properties.  Since it does so much I wont need much else for styling while on vacay.  Seriously magical. Buy PHD here.


This is not your regular hairspray.  It’s a 3 in 1 that can be used at ANY point in the styling process.  I use it on my roots before I blow it out for volume, on dry hair before I curl it to set the curls and then to finish of course for flexible hold (get it).  As I mentioned, pick products that do several things when packing light.   Buy FLEX here.


I like to use this once a week to repair my hair but may decide to layer it in with my normal shampoo and conditioner if it starts feeling dry from the sun!  I also like to put some on my ends and wrap it in a bun while I’m outside so it acts as a heat treatment in the sun.  Buy RESTORE MASK here.

All of these products come in travel sizes (with the exception of PHD).  We have them at Mirror Mirror if you’d like to stop by or order them directly and we can ship them straight to you.  You can also feel free to shop the slideshow below or check pricing at Nordstrom, Sephora and Ulta.  As always, I am happy to do a virtual consultation if you have questions about the product line just shoot me a note.  Here’s to more good hair days…even on vacation!

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