There is nothing better than a clean baby in his pajamas!  Just looking at these pictures I feel like I can smell the baby lotion.  I am very particular when it comes to pajamas for myself so naturally I am equally discriminating when it comes to PJ’s for my little guy.  He’s still in a crib and moves a lot in his sleep so I like him to have long sleeves and pants so he doesn’t get chilly in the night.  Additionally, I insist on only the softest cotton preferably with no sewn on patterns that would make it too rough (told you I was picky).  This doesn’t seem like that tall of an order but I have had a tough time finding sleepwear that fits the bill.  Oh and did I mention he is growing like a weed and therefore almost always needs a new pair.  As I mentioned in the last Ford Files, I have had great luck at H&M but when I came across these fun little pajamas from The Gap I couldn’t resist.  I also snagged this pair because they were on super sale and now Ford walks around saying “bugs” constantly when he wears them (I’m assuming he likes the little critters).

Armed with two darling new pairs of pajamas for my growing little boy, I thought I’d do a quick check of my favorite stores for Ford to see what else they have out there!  Scroll down for a few that I’ve got my eye on for our next round.  Did you know J.Crew is making GLOW IN THE DARK pajamas?  What a fun gift or treat for a special occasion!  Keep an eye out for the online deals…all of these stores are almost always having some kind of deal. Ford_Files_Gap_PJ_5


Ford_Files_Gap_PJ_3 Ford_Files_Gap_PJ_4

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