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Rise and shine friends!  I am so ready for this week to kick off because I have so many fun things cooking that I cannot wait to share with all of you.  Melissa and I shot another round of tutorials that will be coming soon to the blog and the gang at the salon has agreed to tackle a really fun Halloween that we will be sharing soon!  I’m going to jump right into announcements and links to kick off your Monday – make sure you scroll ALL THE WAY down because some of my favorite stores are having some awesome sales that I just had to share (some of them end today).  I have included the specific sale codes for each store so make sure you take advantage!


Congrats to dear friend Shalyn Nelson on the launch of her new etsy store now you can go buy her awesome prints like the one featured in the cover photo.  I love her enthusiasm and you can definitely sense her passion for life when you read her prints.  This also brings me to my…

INSTAGRAM TO FOLLOW:  If you aren’t already following Shayln on Instagram then go do it so you can see all of her adorable instas and you will die over her hedgehog.  Trust me, Hattie is the talk of the salon!

CORNER TO CUT:  Go right now and sign up for THE SKIMM.  It’s a daily e-mail newsletter that gives you “the skimm” on news topics.

UPDATE:  You may remember me asking about this photo that I found on Pinterest…I have spoken to the artist, Jade Rude, and it turns out that specific one was a limited edition of 10 and it sold out (of course it did because it’s so freaking awesome) but because of it’s popularity she created a small multiple in gold acrylic mirror measuring 12″x10″ and it can be purchased at Caviar 20.  So there ya go!

FOR A LAUGH:  Go check out the “Drunk J Crew tumblr“…I mean…too much!!

GETTING MOBILE:  It was brought to my attention that the mobile experience for my website was less than fabulous (sorry about that!!)…updates have been made and now my Instagram, blog posts, and product picks are in one feed (might I suggest the “FALL FAVORITES” edit).

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT:  Last week Jessi from the Darling Detail and I teamed up to share this textured braid that you just have to try for yourself!

I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Martha Lynn

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