Everything You Need To Know About the #NSALE

I’m not trying to alarm anyone but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started TODAY!  Okay it officially starts on July 28th for the masses but card holders (more on that in a minute) can preview starting today.

But what the heck is the #NSALE?

This is arguably the biggest shopping event of the year!  For a few short weeks, Nordstrom marks down brand new never before seen merchandise.  This isn’t like the things that didn’t sell or the weird left overs it’s all brand new!  Think I’m kidding?  I’m talking Stuart Weitzman at almost 40% off (!!!), Diptique candles for next to nothing, La Mer marked down, the cutest booties at every price point and the most darling fall clothes that will have you drooling for cooler temps.

Why the sense of urgency?

You can wait until the masses can shop but you run the risk of all the good sizes and colors being gone.  It’s not worth it I promise!

What if I’m not a card holder?

It’s not too late.  I promise, I am not a credit card gal but this one is worth it.  You can do the debit option that pulls right from your bank account so you won’t rack up debt but you will rack up points!!  You can of course get a traditional card as well if that makes sense for you but I personally recommend the debit if you are at all nervous.

What if I don’t have time for all this madness?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!  Make sure you are registered for LikeToKnow.It so you can shop along on my Instagram.  That’s where I will be sharing most of my finds.  And of course I will do some round ups for you right here at MarthaLynnKale.com so stay tuned!

Ready to shop?

These are just a FEW items I’m loving right off the bat…more coming soon from more categories!  Happy shopping!


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