The Rooted Highlight

It’s no mistake that low maintenance hair color is here to stay.  Ever since Charlie Price (the king of “zero maintenance hair color himself) came to visit us at Mirror Mirror Salon we have been perfecting our skills in this area.  Many of our clients don’t want to go for a full on ombré look because it feels too dark on top and they like the idea of keeping brightness around their face.  In the past 6-12 months we’ve started providing a service we are calling a “Rooted Highlight” and it’s a HUGE hit with our clients!

Grace popped by Mirror Mirror after traveling abroad all summer to test out the rooted highlight and freshen up her cut.  This was her BEFORE hair.  Keep reading for the scoop on some FAQ’s around this service as well as a special offer at the end.

Natural Highlights Step by Step - Before Image

Who is it good for?

Anyone!  Seriously, this technique is great because it gives the precision of placing foils exactly where you need them.  You can be super dramatic with it by placing foils on the entire head or just pop in a few around the face.


How is it different than a regular highlight?

The magic is at the shampoo bowl AFTER you take the foils out.  It’s at this point that you “root” the highlight and soften the lines of the foils.  We use varying techniques and formulas but this part takes around 5-10 minutes.  You can use the techniques to simply soften the highlights near the roots so it’s more natural or you can root the highlights all the way back to the natural tones!  This is where our expertise and your desired affect kicks in.

Natural Highlights Step by Step - Action

But I want to still be blonde!

No problem and don’t we all!  For most of our blondes, we leave out the front section of the hair so it stays nice and bright.  Clients love it because when they pull their hair out it’s still blonde around the hairline but as it grows out on top the line is MUCH softer than a typical highlight and looks good for the full cycle of the highlight.

Natural Highlights Step by Step  - Before

Want to see more examples?

See below and follow along on Instagram for even more examples of our work.

Top:  Just a few highlights around the face and then rooted old highlights on top

Center:  Partial Rooted Highlight

Bottom:  Full Rooted Highlight with Cool Tones

Rooted Highlight ExampleRooted Highlight Example 2Rooted Highlight Example 3

Wondering how I created those gorgeous curls on Grace?  I simply used my new favorite curling iron mentioned in THIS POST and wrapped her hair around the wand attachment!  So easy!

We’d love to see you at Mirror Mirror Salon here in Austin if you are interested in this service.  Simply call 512-420-8868 to book a consultation with any of our colorists.  If you have never tried a rooted highlight before and you book one in September, when you mention this post you will get a complimentary treatment when you come visit.  Can’t hop on a call to book?  You can also email Gilbert at and he will take care of you!


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