Safer Five Minute Face

It’s about progress not perfection right?

The reality is that I have to get ready and out of the house quicker than an episode of Paw Patrol during the week.  Things are pretty streamlined and I have no time for fuss.  I also want to look pulled together and now that I’m making safer swaps it was time to switch the makeup over.

So far so good.  Actually, so far so GREAT!

Thought you might like to see what my FIVE MINUTE FACE consists of in case you are in the market to swap out some of your makeup as well.

Oh, and there is one product that I haven’t been able to give up (keep scrolling for my last dirty little secret).  And let me know if you have any questions about shades etc.

Here we go…

  1. CONCEALER:  I have very dark circles and this product does the trick for me, just a little around the eyes and on any blemishes
  2. DEW SKIN #2:  All over using my Retractable Foundation Brush (this is a must-have)
  3. BRONZER:  Best bronzer I have ever used.  Color #1 is plenty dark for me and it mattes out the Dew Skin for a more polished finish
  4. COLOR EYE SHADE DUO:  I do Pearl/Champagne on entire lid and Peach/Bronze on the crease
  5. EYE LINER:  If I have time I do a little eye liner and line the water line on the inside of the eye
  6. BLUSH:  Tawny/Whisper on the cheeks (it’s very light and peachy
  7. GLOSS:  A little Bare Shimmer on the lips and you are out the door

Okay so what am I missing? Lash primer and mascara of course, I swear by both and I’m not ready to move on yet (shhhh!).  You will be the FIRST to know when I do!

Hope this helps…happy shopping!

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