Why Beautycounter.

As I’m typing this post, I have been with Beautycounter over a year now and I’m 30,000 feet in the air on my way to their Leadership Summit.  Now that I’ve made it past the year mark and am more committed than ever to get safer products into the hands of everyone, I wanted to share with you all a little update!

So here we go…

If you’re new here, a little about me.  My career started in sales and marketing but I currently spend my days running a busy salon in Austin, TX and creating content for you guys right here (when I can).  For the past 10 years I’ve been primarily focused on simplifying beauty and making women feel confident using the best products on the market.  What I had naively ignored was what exactly was IN those products.

KaleFamily7YearAnniversary086.jpgAs a wife, mom, and entrepreneur I am a very busy lady.  I’m embarrassed that I was not a label reader and I assumed that expensive equaled safe.  I can honestly say I had zero time on my hands when I learned about Beautycounter and had gotten very comfortable telling everyone “no” that presented me the latest “opportunity” on social media.  Beautycounter completely stopped me in my tracks and I fell in love with not only their purpose but also the products and I went all in.  It spoke to every thing I loved…as a wife and mom I LOVED their purpose, as beauty expert I LOVED the high performing products, and as an entrepreneur I could not ignore the paycheck and what I viewed as a rocket ship about to take off.

The “Three P’s” as I like to call them (the Purpose, Product, and Paycheck) are what ultimately made me pull the trigger and join this movement.  If this company had not checked off on all three categories I would have politely declined.

You see…

I was already an entrepreneur.

I had already bailed on corporate America.

I make my own schedule.

I have a decent paycheck.

I lead an incredible team at the salon and get to mentor them everyday.

And I certainly know what my passion is!

To be completely transparent, I didn’t “need” Beautycounter or this type of business model in a way that attracts most people.

However, something in my heart said “listen” and something in my heart said “leap” and so I did.  And I knew that people would judge me for taking this leap.  I also knew that people were probably judging me already and that this was TOO important.  So here we are.

What I have learned in the past 12 months has profoundly affected my life and business and I will never look back.

This business has worked seamlessly with my life as a stylist. I’m exposed to sometimes 8-10 clients a day and our salon sees hundreds of guests a week.  People are very honest with their hair stylists and I can honestly say that almost everyone has something they are dealing with when it comes to their health.  I have heard countless stories from women dealing with infertility and miscarriages to women with thyroid disease and auto immune disorders (which has affected me personally).  People’s hair is falling out and their skin is not what it used to be and I can’t help but wonder why that is given the fact that research tells us that most people diagnosed with cancer have NO genetic predisposition for it?  I personally believe it’s the environmental toxins we are all exposed to on a daily basis from the air we breathe and the water we drink all the way down to the food we eat and what we slather our bodies with day in and day out.  A little here… and a little there… adds up BIG time.

Hair stylists are particularly at risk which is why I raised my hand and am committed to fighting for better regulation.  It turns out we have one of the highest rates of miscarriage of ANY profession and I have no doubt it’s because we are immersed in toxins every day.  Now I can’t control some things like the color we have to use but I made a commitment to do everything I could to offset some of that exposure both at home AND in the salon.  Not only did we clean up our house but we now take additional precautions at the salon to purify our air and are making MAJOR strides as we design our new salon space that will open this summer.

Every product, every brand, every thing we do will be up for consideration so we are not only helping women feel great but we can also educate them on how they can make safer swaps in their own lives!

As I look back a year later, I can’t believe I get to lead a team of over 50 women who have raised their hand and said enough is enough and are committed to putting safer products into the hands of everyone.  Major bloggers and influencers are signing up, sticking their neck out, and are committed to use their platform as a megaphone for change. We have all sorts of backgrounds of busy women that are finding time in the nooks and crannies of their day to do this business.  I have made friends all over the country and we’ve built quite a little tribe and we are just getting started!  We ARE making a difference sharing this mission and the paychecks are a very nice surprise (remember purpose, product, AND paycheck)!  Earning my way to the top tier of income producers at Beautycounter in one short year has been mind blowing.  It’s allowed me to take a step back from seeing clients so much so I can help grow the salon, guide my team and get us ready for our re-launch AND I get to be more available for my kiddos!  I could have never done that before Beautycounter came into our lives.

At Beautycounter we talk a lot about our “why”…WHY we joined Beautycounter and hopefully you can understand a little more about me and why I joined.  So at this point, I’d really love to hear from you about “why not?”…I have heard it all at this point (and goodness knows I had a million reasons why I shouldn’t take the leap just a year ago) but I am open to talking through whatever might be holding you back and let’s get creative!  It may or may not be for you but we won’t know until we find out right?

So, whether you’re considering making the switch to safer with your products or you’re  considering joining our mission I hope you will reach out to me or the person that forwarded this to you and start the conversation!  Easy!

We need more voices of all kinds and we would LOVE to link arms with you on this mission.  We wholeheartedly believe that nobody should have to sacrifice their health in the name of beauty.

What are you waiting for?!

Martha Lynn

For more information you can email me directly at hello@marthalynnkale.com, check out THIS PAGE for info on joining or THIS PAGE for info on our advocacy work or THIS PAGE to read up on the latest press.  And as always you can shop safer products through Beautycounter.com at any time (might I recommend you start with the Cleansing Balm).

Oh and if you want to know my “WHY”…it’s these guys right here!



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