My Simple Makeup Routine

I hesitated to share this because I don’t really consider myself a makeup artist.  I used to do quite a bit of makeup for weddings back when I started my career but I’m not trained professionally.  I tend to just do what I do on myself on others and I consider myself a one-trick-pony when it comes to makeup.

That being said, people ask me all the time about makeup tips so I thought I’d share exactly what I do pretty much every day.  Even for special occasions I just crank up the pigment go with a darker lip and sometimes wear lashes.

I also have super dark circles and some hyper pigmentation from years of sun damage so I need quite a bit of makeup to feel confident out and about.  I live for my lashes and since I was raised in the south I think everyone needs a little blush.

I also have two little boys and run a salon and am a very busy mama so I don’t spend a ton of time on my makeup.  I’ve got it down to about 7 minutes start to finish for a full face!  Yes there are days where I do a shorter version (you can find my Flawless in Five here) but for the most part I do this routine!

I filmed it start to finish (and sped it up a bit) so you can check it out in my highlights on my Instagram under “Daily Makeup” but wanted to share some tips and shades below for easier shopping!

Prep Work:  You’ll want to make sure your skin is moisturized and I swear by this eye cream to keep your concealer from getting “crepe-y” throughout the day!

Step One THE FOUNDATION:  You need Tint Skin (Sand), Retractable Brush, Concealer (Medium 1), Bronzer (Dune), and a big powder brush.  I rarely skip these items – even if I’m just throwing on some gloss mascara and a lipgloss I always do this step!

TIPS:  Use the retractable brush and swirl in your foundation.  Don’t be afraid to go for it with the concealer.  It blends in great!  You can set your foundation with the bronzer and it will give you that sun kissed look!

Step Two THE EYES:  You need a palette with varying shades (I use “Classic”) to play with, and eyeliner (I like a pencil in black), a lash primer and a mascara!  I used an all-over eye brush and a crease eye brush.

TIPS:  Use your lightest shade to go all over your entire eye and UNDER your eye along the lash line.  This brightens everything up!  Use a medium shade or your bronzer (!!!) to shade in the crease focusing on the outside of the eye.  With your liner just do smaller strokes aiming down toward lashes and I like to line my eye INSIDE the lash line – I’ve done this forever.  I live for lashes so I still use a primer (this is the exact one) and then I will occassionally do the Volumizing Mascara from Beautycounter or I do this one which is also safer.

Step Three CHEEKS and LIPS:  This is easy – you need a blush (“Nectar” is beautiful on almost anyone and I used “Date” in the video I posted), a blush brush, and a lip color!  This is your preference – I tend to lean toward a nude gloss like Bare Shimmer or Buff but lips are a personal thing!

Tips:  No tips here just apply to the apples of your cheek and do a quick coat of gloss.

Step Four BROWS:  Y’all, I turned off the camera before I did my brows and they are THE MOST IMPORTANT part.  I prefer both pencil in “medium” AND brow gel in “light” but I’m extra like that. And you absolutely MUST invest in getting your brows professionally trimmed and shaped.


and how to save almost a HUNDO on all of this….

Retractable Brush – $35

Flawless in Five Set – $150 ($187 value)

Get the Look Set – $115 ($145 value)

Essential Brush Collection – $98 ($124 value)

The only thing you would be missing by adding these four items would be the lash primer.  All of these products are available a la carte but you definitely get rewarded to stock up!  Additionally, Band of Beauty members will enjoy FREE shipping on all of this 10% product credit (almost $40 if you get it all) for their next purchase!

So you’ve saved a Benjamin and have $40 in the bank for next time (!!!!)….say what?!

Not a Band of Beauty member yet?  You can join to get those perks and you’ll also get a special welcome gift as well!

I hope you found this helpful.  I want to see you try it out and TAG ME @marthalynnkale so I can see your work!!  I’d also love to hear what other tips you’d like to learn?




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