It all started with the Charcoal Bar…

Almost three years ago I posted my first post on social media about taking steps to choose safer products for our family.  It was the Beautycounter Charcoal Bar and it was a gift from a dear friend of mine who had just started working with the brand.  I actually had to scroll back to find the post because I remember that moment vividly and I remember thinking “whatever – I’ll give it a go“.  Little did I know how drastically my life would change as a result of that one little bar of soap!

I ended up learning about the industry I felt so passionately about and how it was greatly unregulatedI also learned it was likely the cause of many of my health issues.  Wild to think before I entered the beauty industry and immersed myself in these ingredients I had 20/20 vision, no signs of depression or anxiety, and no thyroid issues much less Hashimotos. 

I started learning about how little regulation there was around ingredients in personal care products and it really pissed me off (sorry Mom).  I felt duped.  I considered myself a professional and a leader in my industry and an influencer to many clients and friends and I was selling and promoting products that could ultimately cause them long term harm.

It’s not like me to sit aside and watch or complain.  I’m an action girl and I actually remember telling people when I joined with Beautycounter that I was so mad “it makes me want to dust off my pant suit from my sales days and march right to Washington“.

Stay with me here…I promise I have a point!

Fast forward three years and I am as passionate today (if not more) about this mission and I am still fighting to educate people on the ingredients they put on their body, on their babies and in their homes.  Education is always my primary goal and it’s my pleasure to follow that up with high performing SAFER products if that’s what you are looking for.  As a perk, we have also cleaned up the salon drastically and our home is a safer place for our little guys.

It’s so exciting for me to think that one day we will look back on these out dated laws and know we all had an impact – even if you have only purchased one product that’s one vote for safer!  We know the laws follow the dollars.  Remember it used to be legal to smoke on air planes and ride in a car without a seat belt and now we laugh at these common sense laws!

It would be an honor for me to help you take that first step to safer products for you and your family…even if it’s just one bar of soap!  And if you are already enjoying the cleaner lifestyle I would love to help a friend or loved one make that first step just connect me and I’ll take it from there.

…oh and back to Washington (!!!) 

I have the opportunity to go to Washington DC in April to represent Texas to lobby for safer laws for all of us but I need your help!  Only the top TWO consultants in each state will get to go so if you have been meaning to stock up, want to try your first product, or want to dust off your virtual pant suit and join me on this mission I am counting on you.

Who’s ready to take the first step to safer products?  I’d love to help!


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