Before you can tackle your hair concerns you absolutely MUST get it healthy first.  Period.

Your hair will not be in a place to adjust to the other products if it isn’t healthy first.  I see a lot of clients who complain about “frizz” but what they are often seeing isn’t frizz it’s damage.  Damage will be found at the end of the hair typically and true frizz will be throughout the strands.  The first thing they want to do is reach for the No Frizz products and apply serums and oils to “smooth” their hair out.  What their hair needs is healing and probably a break from the heat tools they are using to get rid of what they think is “frizz”.  It’s a cycle.  The heat tools cause more damage.  Then they apply serums and oils.  Then it feels oily.  Then they wash it and blow it out and flat iron it and round and round we go.

What I love about Living Proof products is that they don’t have any silicone or oils and so you are able to go longer between shampoos which means less blow drying and heat tools which means healthier hair.  I put ALL of my HAIR REHAB participants on a hair DETOX of the Restore Recovery Regime and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner.  THEN after 14 days we can see what kind of issues they are really dealing with and address them.  No Frizz and Full products are amazing but FIRST address the damage.  This is why I feel strongly that you not only need the right products but the right professional helping you pick the right products for YOU!  Any of us at Mirror Mirror would be more than happy to help walk you through the process.

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