“I am so grateful to Martha Lynn for allowing me to be a part of Hair Rehab.  It was such a fun experience, and I learned so much.  I have never had so many compliments on my hair!  All of my friends are asking what I have been doing differently.  I have to give all of the credit to Martha Lynn for introducing me to Living Proof, teaching me how to use the products, and showing me how to use styling tools to make my hair look fabulous every day!”  – Rachel

THE PROCESS:  Rachel came to me because she had lost her shine.  Two young kids had left her hair feeling drab and the texture had changed.  We detoxed her with the Restore Recovery Regime and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner and it greatly improved the texture and her hair began to feel supple again.  After a couple of weeks we were able to switch her to the Full Shampoo and Conditioner and she learned how to properly style her hair.  Extending the time between shampoos was a huge time saver for this busy mom and it gave her hair a break so it was able to heal.  She gets compliments on her hair all the time now and loves her results from HAIR REHAB!

If you would like to purchase ANY products we used in HAIR REHAB call the salon at (512)420-8868 and we would be happy to ship them right to your door!

Rachel Final Collage

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