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It turns out that after you have a baby, it’s perfectly normal for your eyesight to change (along with the rest of you!).  So after a lifetime of 20/20 vision it was time for me to pick out some frames.  Even though I have never needed them, I always secretly loved how they could pull an outfit together and give you an instant cool factor.  Once I wrapped my brain around the idea of wearing glasses everyday, I was immediately overwhelmed by what felt like a million choices.  I settled on some pretty basic frames, paid a small fortune (oh the lenses are extra) and was on my way.

Fast forward one year later to last month when I met Pierre and Isabelle, the most adorable French couple (with the great accents and all) who also happen to be the owners/designers of Starling Eyewear.  Without going on and on here (you should check out their story) I just have to tell you that these two know eye wear AND since they actually design the glasses they are selling I can feel good about supporting local business!  They were kind enough to meet with me at their sleek airstream to walk me through the process and I even picked up a few tips about picking out the right frames for your face.

ML and Pierre Collage

KNOW YOUR FACE SHAPE:  Did you know there are SEVEN different face shapes?  While most faces are a combination of shapes and angles, there are seven basic face shapes: round, oval, oblong, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond and square (whew!)The frames of your glasses should contrast the shape of your face.  My face is oval so rectangular frames are best for me but it’s highly recommended that you try on a lot (and it’s fun)!

Glasses Collage

CONSIDER THE FIT:  If you are going to be wearing these glasses everyday then comfort is very important.  Trust me, it’s easy to get wrapped up in they style and trying on every single pair (see above) but make sure they actually feel good.  If they are just your “readers” then you can get a little more creative with styles but you will still want them to fit right.  They were able to adjust my frames to my perfect fit!


SIZE IT UP:  Not only is the shape of your face important but the SIZE plays a major role too.  You want the size of your frames to mirror the size of your face.  The larger the face the larger the frames so that it sits proportionally on your face.


PICK A FEATURE:  Eye wear should repeat your personal best feature.  I have blue eyes so these cool blue and black frames would be a good option to bring out the blue in my eyes!  Love your freckles…try tortoise shell.  Is your blonde hair your signature?  Pair it with some light tan frames.


I ended up going with a pair of sleek black frames for everyday and a pair of sunnies to compliment my blonde hair (see below) and at $60 a pair I may go back for the red ones.  What do you think?  I’d love to hear any tips you have for picking out frames in the comments below and make sure you go check out Starling, they will be at The Domain and Hill Country Galleria for the holidays or you can check here to see where they are.

Final Picks


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  1. Kerry Michaels
    December 5, 2013 at 4:31 pm (11 years ago)

    You look fabulous in the red frames too!


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