So hopefully by now you are thinking about participating in our DENIM CHALLENGE.  Chances are you have several questions…hopefully I have answered them below and if not please shoot us an email at and we will point you in the right direction!

Can anyone participate?

YES!  We have opened it to the public so anyone can submit their final product for consideration.  Please encourage any other friends you know as well…the more the merrier!

Where do I find the denim to use?

If you don’t have a pair (or three) of denim laying around that needs a new life then you can go to Goodwill or even get denim fabric or denim ribbon in every shade at a fabric store.

What if my idea has been done before?

Chances are that most of these ideas have been done before but as long as you are doing them in your own original way then by all means!

Do I have to tell you that I’m participating?

Technically no, but I’d love to hear if you are so that I can email any announcements or additional details for the CHALLENGE.

What do you mean by “not wearable”?

I mean, I don’t want you to submit a decorated pair of jeans or a chambray shirt.  I want it to be fully repurposed into something else.  If you have any questions please email me!

I want to participate but I need inspiration…

Take a peek at my denim pinterest board or simply search “up cycled denim” or “denim craft” and you will see tons of ideas.

Good luck!

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