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Golden Globes Review

It’s here!  It’s here!  AWARD SEASON (applause applause)!  For those of us that live and breathe beauty and fashion THIS is our Super Bowl.  As a little girl, I always loved curling up on the couch with my mom and watching the red carpet and now that I’m an adult we text through the entire […]

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One Curling Iron…Three Looks

It is always my goal as a hair stylist to simplify beauty.  I like short cuts and keeping things as easy for clients as possible so they can recreate looks at home.  I have tried a ton of products and I have countless tools at my disposal.  Testing things out for my clients is one […]

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Simple Updos to try tonight

I invited Camille Styles and her team to come take my curl class almost two years ago and shortly after I was incredibly flattered when she asked me to join the team as her beauty contributor.  My Pretty Simple column was created to give her readers beauty tutorials that are both pretty AND most importantly […]

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Four Eyes

It turns out that after you have a baby, it’s perfectly normal for your eyesight to change (along with the rest of you!).  So after a lifetime of 20/20 vision it was time for me to pick out some frames.  Even though I have never needed them, I always secretly loved how they could pull […]

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Blow Out 101

It happens everyday.  I finish blowing out a clients hair and they sigh and mumble something about wishing they could duplicate what I just did.  I usually reply with “me too” and I genuinely mean it.  I know how to give a great blowout (try me!) and yet it’s nearly physically impossible to do it […]

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