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By Kim Wilson Pollock Believe me when I tell you, staying healthy during the holidays is easy!  I know what you are thinking but the truth is the Holidays are like any other time of the year. You are surrounded by processed food and sugar, overwhelmed with stress and always on-the-go 24/7. This sounds like […]

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Afternoon Delight

By Kim Wilson Pollock It’s 3 pm in the afternoon. Are you feeling highly productive or on the verge of taking a nap at your desk? If you are like most Americans, you feel tired – no, exhausted – and have a difficult time focusing on your work.  What you eat for lunch has a […]

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Morning Makeover

By Kim Wilson Pollock Close your eyes and picture this: Your alarm clock goes off. You jump out of bed bursting with energy. You put on your super cute yoga pants and run out the door with vim and vigor for a 6 am workout. You are ready to OWN your day.   What? This […]

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