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Why you need a sleep consultant on speed dial


Can we all just agree that more sleep is better for everyone?  When I had Ford, more than four years ago, almost everything that could go wrong did.  I will spare you the details here but you can get a glimpse over on Luke’s birth story post if you are curious.  When I had Luke […]

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Fixer Upper Halloween


There is no denying that I’m into Halloween.  I love a good theme and coming up with costumes for groups and kids are my favorite.  Bonus points if kids are small enough to not get the joke! Case and point, I launched the blog three years ago with a nod to The Rachel Zoe Project, […]

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Instagram Round Up – Fall Favorites


Whew we…it has been a crazy couple of weeks!  I have been slacking on the outfit posts over on Instagram but as I was putting this together I realized how many repeats I have.  Don’t you love it when you get a ton of mileage on something?   I mean these jeans, these booties, these flares […]

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Perfect White Tunic


I’m writing you this post from Miami – I had a last minute opportunity to join Trevor on a work trip and you better believe I jumped on it!  Follow along on Instagram for more scoop on our trip. I rarely write a full blog post about one item – typically I just share my […]

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The Rooted Highlight

Natural Highlights Step by Step  - Before

It’s no mistake that low maintenance hair color is here to stay.  Ever since Charlie Price (the king of “zero maintenance hair color himself) came to visit us at Mirror Mirror Salon we have been perfecting our skills in this area.  Many of our clients don’t want to go for a full on ombré look […]

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