Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Well here we are!  Another trip around the sun as husband and wife – and what a trip it’s been.  It’s been nine years since we said “I do” and we have managed to document it every year with the help of our wedding photographer Cory Ryan!  I love looking back at the years and the “themes” of the year – babies, houses, businesses, remodels and the list goes on.  The pressure has definitely built over the years to come up with a concept for the shoot but I always love it when it’s finished.

As I started to think about this year two things jumped out at me.  The first was travel (we traveled a ton last year) and the second is pivoting.  We have pivoted multiple times this year and our ability to change, evolve and adapt continues to strengthen our marriage.  If you read our story last year you know that last year was tough for us.  Trevor was gone a ton for work and I was spread too thin.  This year the update is much happier!  Trevor has done a complete 180, he’s home more and has built a successful business working for himself.  I made major changes as well.  I stepped away from doing hair and took the summer off from work to spend time with the boys.  We bought Cricket the Airstream at the beginning of the summer, went to Rosemary Beach and headed to California where we took the boys to their first Major League Baseball game.  We also spent the longest time in Alabama since I graduated high school visiting family.  I even went back to see my childhood home and we held our first ever Cousin Camp!  The year of travel we hit a huge milestone as a family and we actually managed to travel with only carry ons!

It wasn’t ONLY family travel, Trev and I also snook off to Sedona and Chicago for the first time just the two of us!  A lot of our travel was due to my goal of 40 things to do before I turned 40 (aka #MLKs40x40,) and it all culminated with a big trip the Bahamas to celebrate my 40th with friends on the beach!  Wow Trevor killed it with this trip – from swag to cabanas it was a total dream come true!  And I am so lucky to have a partner that celebrates me like he does.

Once we were home from the Bahamas things took a wild turn…

On March 20th – we had to close the doors to Mirror Mirror due to the global outbreak of COVID-19 and we were all ordered to stay in our homes.  What started as a year of go-go-go has ended abruptly in stay-stay-stay.  I actually considered skipping this year but Cory insisted we do something and came to the house (mask and social distancing and all) and we threw this little shoot together.

I actually think it’s perfect!  This time together has stretched us all in ways we didn’t know we could stretch and brought us together as a family.  We have had to work together as a team to manage working from home and home schooling.  It has strengthened our faith and we will never take for granted little things like going to a movie or out to eat or to a play ground again.  It’s not easy but this is definitely one we will never forget.

So here ya go – year NINE and feeling fine.  Thank you Trevor for being the best husband, best friend and Daddy.  I love you to the moon and back!

Here’s to us…

Keep scrolling for the snaps from our shoot with Cory and scroll to the very end to see the other years posts!  And of course thanks again to Cory for helping us pull this together!







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