{ Christmas Eve…Eve }

Wow!  How is it possible that tomorrow is Christmas Eve?  I know we have heard it and said it until we are blue in the face but this has seriously been the fastest holiday season EVER.  Last night we had our salon Christmas party at Johna’s house and made our own pizzas with her own homemade dough (yum!).  We split two large pizza’s into four quadrants and everyone picked their own toppings for their own giant slice which made it easy to bake them at the same time (highly recommend this idea for your next party)!  After dinner we curled up on the couch and watch The Holiday (hence the above quote).  Back me up here but is that movie not THE BEST?!  Just gives me warm fuzzies of hope AND definitely has me dreaming of a white Christmas.  After a very busy month at the salon, it also has me excited about a serious work break…or should I say “holiday”(couldn’t help it).  This time of year always feels like a little but of limbo…looking back and forward all at once.  I have a few exciting things in the works for 2014 that I can’t wait to share and I’m dying for you to meet two new contributors in January (eek!).

Before I’m off I have to tell you to go now and cast your vote for my WREATH CHALLENGE…it ends December 31st and it’s getting down to the wire and I know they are dying to win the big prizes so they need your vote.  And if you find yourself with some time off in the coming days you should try out some of these tricks with a curling iron!

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