Remember the WREATH CHALLENGE in December?  The idea was to give super creative people a challenge with very little guidelines and see what happens…the results were amazing and ever since I’ve been thinking about my next challenge.  Since the last challenge was a shape (wreath/circle) I thought it would be fun to do a challenge with a material for this round.  Now if you know me, you know that on most days of the week I can be found in a pair of jeans…likely with a chambray shirt (denim’s lighter weight cousin)…and conveniently it goes perfect with my new favorite boots!  It’s NEVER out of style and it’s fun season after season to see how it will evolve.  While denim is sturdy enough to last year after year (you know you have that pair you haven’t worn in 5 years), there comes a time that it needs to be retired or better yet REPURPOSED (you see where I’m going here).  I am so incredibly excited to announce my partnership with HEM JEANS on my next MarthaLynnKale.com CHALLENGE!

First of all can I just tell you about HEM JEANS?  They have any kind of jean you could dream of (I mean…it is a denim bar) but more importantly they have an expert team to help you with that sometimes intimidating task of picking out the perfect pair (more on that later).  They didn’t bat an eye when I told them about my idea for a DENIM CHALLENGE and were even willing to throw in a custom styling session and free pair of jeans to the winner of the challenge.  Yes you just read that right!  The winner of the DENIM CHALLENGE will get to go to HEM and they will help you pick out the most perfect pair of jeans in your life and you will take them home FOR FREE! (I know…I’m dying too)  Oh and if that’s not enough, if you’re not up for the challenge but want to take in a pair of your old jeans you can trade them for $25 off a NEW pair if you get them that day…HELLO!

Denim Challenge


Repurpose an old pair (or pairs) of jeans into something else NOT wearable!  That’s it so get creative.


Similar to the last challenge, popular vote will come into play so you will want to make sure everyone you know votes for you.  The popular vote will count as ONE vote, Gilbert our last challenge winner will get ONE vote, and the HEM JEANS gals will get to cast their vote too as ONE vote!  I will remain perfectly neutral here (whew).


Unlike the last challenge, we are opening this up to ANYONE that wants to participate.  All you have to do is submit a high res image of your final product along with a few words (100 max) about your inspiration to us by March 17th at midnight CT.  Email your image to hello@marthalynnkale.com

Finalist will be posted by 3/24 and public voting will start!


The winner will receive a styling session with the HEM team to pick out the perfect pair of denim and a complimentary pair of jeans! 


This is supposed to be fun, however if at any point it becomes not fun, we reserve the right to adjust the challenge as we see fit (just needed to say it out loud).  Let us know if you have questions regarding what will and will not be included and keep checking back for updates!

Please help us get the word if you know of someone who should participate (share share share)! Also, if YOU plan to participate we’d love to know…GOOD LUCK!




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