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WOW…what a year!  When I decided to launch this website well over a year ago it was both exhilarating and terrifying.  I didn’t name my salon “Martha Lynn Kale Salon” because I prefer to be a part of a team, I named it Mirror Mirror because I was committed to helping women love what they see in the mirror.  It didn’t take long after I opened the salon to realize that hair and makeup were only a small part of that goal and that if I could create a home base, we could create content that would give that concept legs to grow!  Launching meant I had to be front and center, and I would be lying to say I wasn’t nervous.  What I quickly learned was that a website like this cannot be created alone and even though it was my name in the URL, it was definitely a team effort to bring you more than 100 post to date… and for that I am humbled!

I decided that this called for a celebration and so I ventured out to Butler park in Austin with my go-to photographer Melissa Glynn with some massive balloons and this festive Splendid jumpsuit to celebrate the last 12 months of  Keep scrolling for a look back at some of my favorite post and to hear what I’m looking forward to for the next 12 months!

It all started with HAIR REHAB and the goal to show women that with the right products, the right haircut AND the right professional (wink wink) they would really start to love their hair!  I was blown away by their responses and have continued “rehabbing” hair each and everyday at Mirror Mirror.  That led to my joining the Living Proof Education team and I cannot wait to see where this partnership goes from here.Balloon-Shoot-Details

The WREATH CHALLENGE and DENIM CHALLENGE were so fun, I loved bringing together some of my most creative friends and with hardly any direction seeing them create some fun inspiration.  What do you think…should we do another wreath challenge this season?Balloon-Shoot-Details-8

The tutorials have been such a fun way to share with you all some of the most common questions I get as a stylist like “HOW TO BLOWOUT YOUR OWN HAIR”,  “HOW TO HAVE A GREAT CONSULTATION” and “HOW TO DO YOUR OWN CLIP ON EXTENSIONS” …you can look forward to many more tutorials so keep sending in those requests!

…And then there was GLAMPING.  I can’t help but smile when I think of this trip.  This idea started out at my dining room table when we realized hardly any of the Mirror Mirror team had been camping so we decided to get our glamp on!  My nice camera battery died about 10 minutes into the trip so we took photos with my phone and we had the best time.  I continue to be amazed at the things my team is willing to do alongside me.  #blessBalloon-Shoot-Details-3

As I mentioned earlier, I absolutely couldn’t have done it this year without the help of the team.  There wouldn’t have even been a site without the help of Stephanie who now has her own amazing blog!  Contributors like Dr. Anna with wellness, Kim Wilson with health, and Christina Facundo with style have allowed me to bring you experts on topics that I have been curious about and I have learned so much from them!  Of course my husband Trevor has been so generous in allowing me to share our lives and celebrations with you.  I am so lucky to have married so well!Balloon-Shoot-Details-4

Now can we talk about Melissa…where do I even start?!  If it weren’t for Melissa, this website would be full of (more) iPhone photos and I’d have a list a mile long of ideas that have yet to come to life!  From Birkenstocks… to Texas Glam… to a Halloween shoot coming next week, she has helped me bring projects to fruition and I am blown away by her talent.  Expect to see a lot more from her in the coming months (we just did 6 shoots in the last 5 days…whew) and you may even see her in front of the camera soon!    Balloon-Shoot-Details-7

I must say the biggest surprise about this site has been the fashion.  Considering I basically wear the same thing every day, I decided to shake it up for Austin Fashion Week and step outside my comfort zone.  I had no idea that you all liked hearing about what I’m wearing when I’m out and about and now I’ve made it easy for you to shop my Instagram.  I love sharing my favorite brands and product picks with all of you and I look forward to bringing you even more fashion in creative ways next year!Balloon-Shoot-Details-2

Thank you again to all of you that have helped me this year…there are no words!!!  It has been such a pleasure creating this space for all of you.  Keep those comments coming and let me know what you’d like to see.

Oh and if you love Splendid as much as me and you are in Austin or another market where they have a store, make sure you stop by THIS SATURDAY from 1-3 to enjoy 20% off your entire purchase!  Hope to see ya there!



MelissaPHOTOGRAPHY:  Melissa Glynn has spent the past six year developing a style that aims to show off just how fantastic you are.  This self proclaimed “Texas girl” loves creating images that are classic, timeless, and lovely.  When she’s not behind the camera she loves playing with her pup “Nolte”, riding bicycles, traveling, yoga, and a really great glass of red zinfandel!

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