It’s true what they say…brows are the frame to your face!  You can’t put a pretty picture in a bad frame right?  In the past few years I have started making my brows a priority when it comes to my beauty routine.  A proper brow shape can make you look like you’ve had a great nights sleep and I will take all the help I can get in the “looking rested” department.  That’s where Mandy comes in.  Mandy Morrison is an award winning brow and makeup guru here in Austin and she definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to brows.  She actually comes to my salon every 3 weeks to shape my brows and tend to our clients (I know, I’m spoiled)!  Since brows can go so wrong so fast I asked her to jump in here for a guest post to share the most common mistakes she sees when it comes to brows.  I will let her take it from here…

by Mandy Morrison

It is so interesting to have studied the evolution of the brow shape. They have gone from the 1920s pencil thin,  to the full bodied brow of Audrey Hepburn in the 60’s, to the brow raising shapes of the disco era, the unforgettable untamed Brooke Shields brow, and now the bold Cara Delevingne look. Throughout the years, one thing has remained, your brows are a big deal.

To keep this hot trend from looking like a hot mess, I’m sharing 3 ways you may be wrecking your beautiful arches.


Waxing and threading are excellent ways of removing hair….from you body and other parts of your face.  However, waxing can cause permanent damage to the delicate skin around your eyes. And if you have a technician that is not familiar with proper brow shaping it can spell disaster.


Leave the bleached brows to the runway.  Yellow is a difficult color to wear in general, much less on your eyebrows.  While a proper tint can do wonders for fair brows, going too dark can be overpowering- I always say leave this to the professionals.  Get yourself a good brow pencil and fill them in where needed.  I recently found a product line called Billion Dollar Brows.  They carry a universal brow pencil, so it takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect shade. Fill in where you need filling, then use the end of the pencil to blend the color into the brow, and your done!!


Have you ever heard the addage, Your brows are sisters not twins? It’s true, your face isn’t symmetrical, so your brows shouldn’t be either. There will always be one that is higher, fuller, longer, etc…match your brows to your face shape not one another.


Guilty of making some of these mistakes or are just curious about what your brows need?  You can book an appointment with Mandy for a consultation and natural brow shaping at Mirror Mirror by calling 512-420-8868!


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