Halloween Makeup Inspiration

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s is the Wednesday before Halloween and I haven’t planned anything for my boys (#momfail).  I absolutely LOVE Halloween and this is very out of character for me (proof is here, here, and here).  With a nearly 4 month old baby, a three-nager and the day to day of being back to work full time I just haven’t made the time.  I’m still hopeful I will pull it together by Saturday!

For the rest of you that might have waited just a teensy bit too long for a costume idea how about just going super dramatic in the makeup department and keeping the rest simple?  It’s amazing how powerful makeup can be when it comes to whipping a costume into shape!  I have combed the internet for a few of my favorite ideas for a makeup focused Halloween.

I’m dying to know if you all have your costumes planned out?  Let me know in the comments below…Mime - Martha Lynn KaleMime – Image Source

Spiderweb - Martha Lynn KaleSpiderweb Eyes – Image Source

Masquerade Mask - Martha Lynn KaleMasquerade Mask – Image Source
Deer - Martha Lynn KaleDeer – Image Source

Cat - Martha Lynn KaleCat – Image Source

Scarecrow - Martha Lynn Kale
Scarecrow – Image Source 

Native American - Martha Lynn KaleNative American – Image Source

Ghost - Martha Lynn KaleGhost – Image Source

DiaDeLosMuertos - Martha Lynn KaleDia de los Muertos – Image Source

Mermaid - Martha Lynn KaleMermaid – Image Source


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