Exciting Living Proof News!

I am thrilled to announce that I have partnered with Living Proof and will be contributing beauty tutorials on the new Living Proof blog The Strand.  As you probably know, my love for Living Proof runs deeps as a user (my hair is so happy) as a stylist (my clients are so happy) and now as an educator and contributor!  My goal has always been to help women love what they see in the mirror and Living Proof’s goal is “more good hair days” so it makes sense that we could team up for something awesome!

We have a couple of tutorials planned but I’d love to hear from YOU on what kind of content you’d like to see.  You can hop on over to The Strand and see what they already have.  Additionally I’m having a little “pinch me” moment today because I’m featured on their blog as their Woman Crush Wednesday!  You can read the full interview and learn what I’m passionate about…my worst beauty habit…my role model (hint hint Mom I’m looking at you)…my tragic “pregnancy bangs” of 2012…and probably more than you’d like to know about me? I’m so honored!!

Can’t wait to jump in and get started!Woman Crush Wednesday

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