Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law

When I asked you all who is the hardest person on your list to shop for there was a clear front runner – well maybe a tie – men and mother-in-law!  They say when tackling a “to-do” list you should do the hardest thing first so I am jumping right in with a gift guide for your mother-in-law (stay tuned for the gift guide for him on the way).  I think there is one VERY important thing to remember here…you aren’t shopping for your mother-in-law, you are shopping for another woman in your life.  That means you need to consider the kind of woman that she is.  Is she a girly girl?  Does she love to cook?  Is she active?  Does she take care of your kids all the time?  When you dig a little deeper it will help narrow down the perfect gift and I’ve got a few ideas below to get you started.


Does she have all boys?  Is she a regular at her nail salon?  If so consider getting her a splurge in the beauty category or some perfume (who doesn’t love Chanel?).  Pair it with a gift card to get a mani/pedi and you’re good to go!


Who doesn’t love coffee?  My husband got me a Chemex for Valentine’s one year and we had the most fun figuring out how to make the perfect cup.  Pair these items with a bag of coffee beans from a local coffee shop or a Starbucks card!


You know the ones…they’d rather walk anywhere.  Always lunging from room to room and trying out a new fitness class.  How about a personalized yoga mat?  Maybe a new fleece for those winter walks?  Pair with a membership to test out a new class she’s been hinting to try for bonus points!


For those of us lucky enough to have a grandma in town to help out think about what would make that job even easier!  This works in your favor when you are needing a date night or a weekend out of town.  How about a new tote bag to help carry the extra kids stuff?  This one comes in EIGHT color ways, is reversible and is under $50 (wahoo!).  Or how about something to encourage a little relaxation like a new robe or soft slippers!  Pair with a bottle of wine (or two) and a massage.


So I’m not really a cook so I really hit the jackpot when I realized my own mother-in-law LOVES to be in the kitchen.  I mean she makes cinnamon rolls basically from memory.  Anyone that cooks already has things like a whisk but do they have THIS wisk?  It’s always fun to have cute utensils or a new apron or an inspiring new cookbook.  Pair with a gift card for a nice dinner out…I mean everyone needs a break at some point!


There are certain things that just EVERYONE loves like new PJ’s, a soft scarf, a thoughtful book, a candle, pretty much ANYTHING monogrammed or personalized.  Also if you just had family pictures made for Christmas cards go ahead and get one printed and framed!  Just spend some time thinking about what she might not buy herself or what she could really use!

So there you have it…a few ideas to get your mother-in-law checked off your list TODAY!  Stay tuned for the gift guide for the man in your life…I’ve got you covered there too.  I’d also love to hear if there is anyone else you are having trouble shopping for in the comments below.  You never know, I might just feature it on the blog!


Martha Lynn

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