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If you have been on Instagram lately, chances are you have seen someone posting about this whole FASTer Way to Fat Loss thing (or #FWTFL if you are the hashtag type).  I decided to share a little bit about my journey with FASTer Way To Fat Loss  and thought I would share my before and afters (taken March 13th and April 29th – 47 days a part).

Before I hop into my personal story let me set the record straight.

#1.) . I am not a doctor and this is not any sort of medical advice whatsoever.  This is just my experience with this program so you should check with your doc before doing anything like this.

#2.)  I don’t think my “before” picture was that bad but I can tell you I felt AWFUL and none of my clothes fit and my anxiety was through the roof.  You know my mission in life is helping people love what they see in the mirror and I can promise you I didn’t like anything I saw.

#3.)  I am not a coach (as of now)…when you sign up you will be paired with a coach.  I am simply your cheerleader and I can be here to hold your hand or answer questions!

If you are ready to pull the trigger you can go ahead and JOIN NOW and I’ll send you your free gift (if you are one of the first 10 to sign up)!!  I was completely blown away with the results and how fast they actually kicked in.

A quick word about me in case we haven’t met…

I am a 39 yr old mom of two busy boys.  I run a salon, blog and advocate for safer beauty.  I am a VERY busy bee.  My husband travels ALL the time and we eat out A LOT.  I was diagnosed with Hashimotos when I got pregnant with my first son about 7 years ago and so I am constantly tired and fighting off random illnesses due to a lower immune system than most.  My “dieting” looked like this…gains a little bit of weight, stops eating all carbs, loses a little bit of the weight but feels awful, tired and anxious all the time.  Eventually eats a carb and gains it all back.  Rinse and repeat.

Last year we did a huge remodel on our house and my salon was going through a massive expansion so the stress was off the charts and my health and weight really got out of control.  Yes, I can still take a cute picture and I know how to edit those photos so most of the external world couldn’t really tell what was happening but even that got hard and my confidence was super low.  I had gained a good 10-15 pounds and was extremely inflamed.  I was getting sick all the time and to be honest I was to the point around March where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Enter FASTer Way to Fat Loss.

I had never done anything like this and the thought of before and afters and measurements made me cringe but I had to do something AND I knew I needed something that was a program I could follow and that would help me learn how to eat properly (not just drop the weight for the sake of fitting into a dress).  Also loved the idea of only 6 weeks – you can do anything for 6 weeks!  I have always hesitated to share this type of content on my social media because I thought who am I and I felt like there was enough of that out there.  I have worked with nutritionist and read books and I knew that for my Hashimotos I didn’t need to be eating gluten and yet I still did it.  Why do we self sabotage?

So…on March 10th I joined on a whim (with my husband and my bestie b/c #accountability) and because I truly had nothing to lose and I knew I had to do something.  The program started March 11th (I took these before photos on the 13th) and we were off with “Prep Week”.  The first real week of the program kicked off while we were on Spring Break and I told myself I’d do my best but give myself some grace because I didn’t want to ruin our family trip!  I loved that there was a prep week because I am the kind of girl that needs the house to be clean before I can do anything.  I needed to immerse myself in the videos and training and grocery shop and just mentally prepare to start!

They put you in a group and sign you up with a coach.  Honestly I never really participated in the group or the coach but a lot of people do!  I can read a plan and follow it so I just stayed the course! 

I did cheat a little, and I traveled and I had events to attend and I didn’t do the work outs because I didn’t want any excuse to not focus on nutrition!  But that’s just me.  I started recording my food right away which was very eye opening and I learned that those of us with Hashimotos NEED CARBS for our thyroid to function – hello!!  I was starving my thyroid and basically exacerbating symptoms, no wonder I felt awful!

I felt better after a week.

I saw results (clothes a little more comfortable) after two-ish weeks.

I measured myself and noticed inches down after 3-4 weeks.

This was enough for me to stay on the plan.  I have lost a collective 10.5 inches across all my measurements.  My clothes fit.  I feel better than I have in years.  I’m eating proper nutrition.  I still eat out!!

Y’all this thing works if you stick to it.

The next prep week starts on MONDAY June 3rd which will kick your summer off right.  I didn’t want to be self conscious in shorts or a swimsuit with my boys this summer and more importantly I need the fuel and energy to keep up with them!

The next 6 weeks will BLOW by whether you do this or not.  The money is pennies compared to what I have saved on eating out CRAP and I would have paid double to feel this good.

This is only my personal results but you can see/read others if you hop on the @fasterwaytofatloss instagram.  It’s a lifestyle switch and even though my program is over Trevor and I are both continuing with it for the most part because it’s easy!!  Highly recommend doing it with a friend so feel free to forward along this email and make sure they use my link so they get the free gift and so I can share my tips with them too!!

For the next 10 people that sign up through my link I will send you a FREE copy of my friend Beth’s cookbook which will make it so much easier on you.  I am not a coach so you will get paired with a coach and once you sign up using this link I will send you my personal FASTer WAY 101 and we can add you to my private #FWTFL Instagram group @FASTerWaywithMLK so you can know exactly what parts I did, what parts I ignored and I will totally hold your hand.

What do you say?  Wanna do this together?

I’d love to help!!

Oh and as promised scroll on down for the before and afters #bless.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at all!



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