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{ TIDY }

I am the type person who needs everything put away before I can fully relax each night and to have company over can put me into a full blown tizzy.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE having company and entertaining…but I get totally worked up over the preparations to make sure they have a […]

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GLAMping on a Budget

I grew up on a farm in Alabama and camping meant no tents, sleeping on our land and real roughing it.  I hated it (repeat hated it) and as soon as I was old enough to have a vote I was out.  My husband spent 3 months in high school out in the wilderness and […]

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{ TIME }

You know those days when you feel like life is just blowing past?  I’m there!  I don’t know who originally made the above statement but they were clearly a parent.  This weekend we packed up all of Ford’s baby things (tear) and I started working on his end of year book.  Last year I started […]

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I cannot believe it has been a year since we started doing THEME THURSDAY’S at Mirror Mirror.  It started out as a fun team building idea that I had last November.  I wanted us to have something that we could all do once a week to test out trends, share our latest obsessions and celebrate […]

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Blow Out 101

It happens everyday.  I finish blowing out a clients hair and they sigh and mumble something about wishing they could duplicate what I just did.  I usually reply with “me too” and I genuinely mean it.  I know how to give a great blowout (try me!) and yet it’s nearly physically impossible to do it […]

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